About Fighting Blindness

Fighting Blindness is an Irish, patient-led charity that has been funding research into treatments and cures for conditions that cause sight loss since 1983. We also provide a professional counselling service for individuals and families who are affected by sight loss, and are extremely active at national and European level in the areas of advocacy and patient empowerment. At this moment, we have almost 700 members who are affected by sight loss as well as thousands of supporters and other stakeholders who are actively involved in the organisation. We represent the 224,000 people in Ireland who are living with severe vision loss.

Founded in 1983, Fighting Blindness originally operated as a support group for people who had been diagnosed with a genetic form of sight loss. The determination of those involved moved them to act powerfully with the belief that someday treatments and cures would be available for the conditions affecting them. They knew that the key was to investigate the disorders, and that meant investing in research. We have come a long way since those early days. To date, Fighting Blindness has invested more than €15 million into research in Ireland, covering over 70 projects. We have been at the forefront of some of the most significant scientific breakthroughs in the genetics of inherited eye disease, and we are now moving into the realm of clinical trials.

We believe in the dignity and respect of all people affected by sight loss, and are committed to supporting people, whatever stage they are at on their own journey. We remain a patient-led organisation and ensure that the needs of people living with sight loss are always held as our highest priority.


Cure. Support. Empower.