Cure. Support. Empower.

The three-tiered approach of our strategy – Cure. Support. Empower. – informs everything that we do. We are excited and invested in the future, as we  continue searching for treatments and cures for sight loss. However, we know that facing a diagnosis can be extremely difficult for the individual affected, as well as their wider family and network. Often, the nature of genetic conditions means that multiple members of a family can be affected, increasing the impact of the reality of sight loss. We actively support, counsel, inform and assist people on that journey. It is also crucial that we act positively and advocate on behalf of people with sight loss to ensure that the patient voice is always heard in issues of policy, healthcare and services.

Our Purpose

Image of research labCure

Promote and facilitate the development of treatments and cures which are accessible to all patients affected by sight loss.



Image of holding hands for support


Develop our counselling service into a nationwide programme, ensuring access and support of the highest standard is available to patients and family members who are living with sight loss.


Image of group of people holding handsEmpower

Work in partnership with all stakeholder groups in the areas of health, science, industry and government to empower patients and to achieve the greatest impact in the global fight against blindness.


Our vision is to cure blindness, support those experiencing sight loss, and empower patients.