About The Insight Counselling Service

The Insight Counselling Service is a professional counselling service for people and families who are affected by sight loss.

The centre was established by Fighting Blindness in 2002 to help people cope with the challenges of being diagnosed with, and living with, conditions that cause sight loss. Losing your vision can also impact your family and friends, so the service can help those close to you adjust to new challenges as well.

No matter what your level of sight loss, we are here to help and provide any support you may need. We offer a variety of services and invite you to get in touch if there is anything that you feel may be of benefit to you.

The Insight Counselling Service can be contacted using the details below:

Email insight@fightingblindness.ie

Phone: 01 674 6496

The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Sight is probably our most treasured sense, and the thought of losing it naturally gives rise to feelings of fear and uncertainty about the future. The issues that a person with sight loss faces are both practical and psychological in nature as one makes the transition from a sighted to a partially or even non-sighted lifestyle. The journey of adapting and coping with new and uninvited circumstance is unique for each individual. That needs to be understood and respected by all who offer encouragement and assistance in order to ensure that the process of adjustment is not impeded.

At such a challenging time, engaging in psychotherapy can help. Working with a psychotherapist in a safe, trusting and non-judgemental environment allows the individual with sight loss the time and space to make sense of what is actually happening to them, away from the pressure of well-meaning but often ill-informed and anxious family and friends. With the appropriate support and guidance it is possible to work through and surmount difficulties to find new and life-enhancing meaning and purpose in living.

The psychotherapist offers a relationship where the person’s innate inner wisdom and potential for positive change can be realised and harnessed. By freeing the natural healing process in the client, the integrity of personhood is honoured and championed. It takes time, commitment and courage to undertake such a journey but with the help and facilitation of a trained psychotherapist it is possible to reach the desired destination.

Sometimes life can be unfair. We study hard but don’t achieve the hoped for grade; we train assiduously but never get picked for the first team; we work enthusiastically but are overlooked for promotion; we invest cautiously but the stock market crashes; we experience bereavement and the grief that ensues; and we risk loving another only to be rejected. But we still survive. The human being is designed to heal given the right circumstances and opportunities. We can’t stop bad things happening; we can only choose how to respond. We take our life experiences and mine them for the gold of wisdom that lights our path through dark and alien territory. We grow and evolve so that sight loss informs but does not have to determine how we live our lives.

It is not just the individual with sight loss who is affected but also their partner, children, extended family and friends. At Insight, we work with all those affected directly and indirectly by sight loss. We offer a range of services including psychotherapy, support groups and technological assistance in conjunction with other relevant agencies.

Sight loss is a life changing experience, but not a life ending one. We are here to help.

John Delany, Senior Counselling Manager, Insight Counselling Service