Foreword from Miss Marie Hickey-Dwyer

Image of Marie Hickey DwyerOn behalf of the Irish College of Ophthalmologists, I am pleased to introduce this Guide to Conditions of the Retina compiled by Fighting Blindness.

Many people in Ireland are living with severe vision loss, a significant proportion of which is due to retinal degenerative conditions. For individuals and families who have been diagnosed with a retinopathy, access to clear, relevant, detailed and easily understandable information is essential. Unfortunately, due to the rare nature of some retinal conditions, information in this format has not in the past always been readily available.

The value of providing information and support to people with conditions of the retina – as well as to the doctors who care for them – cannot be underestimated. Fighting Blindness has been doing this successfully for many years through their support services and events, and has been a real resource to Irish people who are dealing with this often life changing news. The production of this Guide to Conditions of the Retina is a shining example of a strong resource that will be invaluable to eye doctors and their patients to help them understand the conditions they are facing, as well as explaining the options that are available.

Miss Marie Hickey-Dwyer

President, Irish College of Ophthalmologists