Patient Testimonials

Ger, Kilkenny

“My daughter rapidly lost a major portion of her eyesight when she was eleven as a result of a genetic condition called Stargardt disease. Since then Fighting Blindness have been invaluable in terms of the support, information and hope they provide through their great counselling and work towards finding cures.”


Dave, Dublin

“How will I provide? I was married with two children and another one on the way when I was diagnosed with Usher syndrome in 1999. Fighting Blindness provided me with invaluable support in counselling and group meetings. I met some incredible people. It’s important to talk.”


Triona, Offaly

“I was really excited when I heard about the Target 5000 project. I often feel very helpless when it comes to my condition because there is no treatment and nothing that I can do to improve the outcome or even get an idea of how it will progress. Target 5000 is something proactive that I can do and that my family can get involved in as well. It makes me feel like I’m doing something useful that will help me find out more about my condition, but also help research that may lead to some form of treatment in the future.”


Michéal, Donegal

“Fighting Blindness has helped my wife immensely by providing her with confidence and enthusiasm that great work is being done to help people with many different sight conditions including her own. Providing her with regular updates on new research, different support groups and new advancements in the fight against sight loss helps her overcome the challenges she faces every day and gives her hope for the future.”


Joe, Dublin

“Age-related macular degeneration is a much talked about eye condition in the present day, but when I was diagnosed, the condition was unknown to me. Now I am a member of Fighting Blindness, and through their meetings and newsletters, I learn of the progress being made in the quest for suitable treatments for the various stages of AMD. As a result, I remain optimistic, even at my age, that some degree of improvement in my situation may soon be possible. Since my diagnosis, new doors have opened and I have made new friends. I have learned to adjust to my life with AMD and today, I am glad to say, I lead a happy and contented life.”


Carol, Dublin

“The day after finding out I had Usher syndrome, I contacted Fighting Blindness. It was the best thing I ever did, because this organisation has truly been and always is a beacon of hope for me through its dedication to initiating, promoting and funding research into retinal degenerative diseases. I have gained so much from being actively involved with Fighting Blindness, and have made many wonderful friends, who are affected by retinal degenerative diseases. It helps to ease the isolation and loneliness one can feel when learning to cope with sight deterioration. Most importantly, there is a great comfort knowing that Fighting Blindness are committed to finding a cure for blindness.”


Anne, Tipperary

“Having three of my children diagnosed with a vision impairment, the help and support of Fighting Blindness has been immense and their continued great work gives us real hope for a cure in the future.”


Eileen, Cork

“When my daughter was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at 23 we didn’t know anything about the condition and were very overwhelmed. The support given to our family by Fighting Blindness was invaluable. A guide like this would have been very useful and I know that anyone facing a diagnosis today will find it really helpful.”