Irish Platform for Patients’ Organisations, Science and Industry

IPPOSI is a unique partnership of patient groups and charities, science and industry. As a patient-led partnership, the platform provides a structured way of facilitating interaction between the three key membership groups (patients’ organisations, scientists and industry) and, where possible, with state agencies on policy, legislation and regulation around the development of new medicines, products, devices and diagnostics for unmet medical needs in Ireland.

IPPOSI was established in 2002, based on the European model EPPOSI which, as a non-lobbying group of stakeholders, had made great inroads in Europe on looking at the bottlenecks that existed in the development of therapies. The European group initially focused on the area of rare conditions but has since expanded to look at chronic and age-related conditions.

Michael Griffith, who is on the Board of Fighting Blindness, was for a time the chair of EPPOSI and saw the benefit such a structured group could bring to the development of consensus on these issues in Ireland. He spoke to colleagues at the MRCG and other stakeholders and organized a meeting in Dublin in 2002. Out of this, a secretariat was formed.

In 2007, IPPOSI left the Fighting Blindness office. Under the guidance of its new CEO, Eibhlin Mulroe, and a very active board, it has gone from strength to strength. Its conferences, workshops and information platforms have made a real difference in engaging all stakeholders in the development of treatments for unmet medical needs and working together to find solutions.

The IPPOSI vision is one where state-of-the-art innovations in health care are available at the earliest stages to patients in Ireland.

We do this through:

• Expertise

• Dialoguing

• Consensus building

• Networking

IPPOSI is not a lobbying organisation, but via expertise, dialogue, consensus and networking we work to smooth the path for therapies to move from basic science in laboratories to the patients who need them.

Fighting Blindness is represented on the Board of IPPOSI.

IPPOSI is part funded by the Health Research Board, Ireland.