Be an Advocate

We want to share our message with you

Fighting Blindness travels the country to provide education on preserving eye health and up-to-date information on research developments. Over the past few years we have been in many cities and towns throughout Ireland and look forward to meeting with new communities this year. Patients rightly demand to be more informed on developments in the research they have worked for years to fund. You can learn more about developments in our research at our community meetings.

Let us know if you would like to hear more about our work and discover how you and your community can work to become advocates for our vision: to cure blindness, support those experiencing sight loss and empower patients.

It is essential that we stress the importance of partnership in the development of potential therapies to all of our stakeholders, including scientists, clinicians, industry, state agencies, regulators and payers. If you are involved in any of these areas and would like to hear from any members of our team on a particular activity, we would be delighted to come visit you.

Patient empowerment through education and informed actions are becoming more vital to the development of and access to the treatments we seek. Become an advocate today and help us raise our collective voice.

For more information please call our office today on 01 6789 004 or you can email