A Guide To Conditions Of The Retina

Image of A Guide to conditions of the Retina CoverFighting Blindness published ‘A Guide To Conditions Of The Retina’ in December 2014. The guide provides information about a range of rare inherited retinal conditions including retinitis pigmentose, Stargardt disease, Usher syndrome and many more, as well as more common conditions such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetes related sight loss. The aim of this resource is to provide accessible, reliable and easily understandable information about conditions and research, and give details about support available for people and families living with sight loss.

The guide sets out information about the causes, symptoms, any available or potential therapies and research into these conditions. It details how the eye works and defines the terms used to detail the parts of the eye, as well as highlighting the roles of the various eye health professionals that people come into contact with and what tests may be carried out at an appointment. A detailed overview of human genetics and explanation of inheritance patterns is also included, as well as information about retinal research and the research process. Contact details and links for Irish and international patient, medical and research organisations are included for additional information and support.

The guide is available in a number of formats by following the links below. To order a print copy of the guide, or for more information, please contact 01 6789 004 or communications@fightingblindness.ie.

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The brochure was written by Fighting Blindness in collaboration with clinical and scientific experts who gave their guidance and input. It was designed primarily for people who have been diagnosed with a sight loss condition affecting the retina, and their families. It will also serve as a reference tool for medical and healthcare professionals such as ophthalmologists, general practitioners and optometrists, among others.

A Guide To Conditions of the Retina, is supported by Bayer Healthcare and proudly endorsed by the Irish College of Ophthalmologists (ICO), the Association of Optometrists in Ireland (AOI) and the Genetic and Rare Disorders Organisation (GRDO).