Leave a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy for a Future Everyone Can See

The future has never been brighter for patients living with sight loss. Over the past thirty years, world class researchers, based in Ireland and funded by Fighting Blindness, have made remarkable progress in the search for causes, potential treatments and eventual cures for blindness. 


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What you do today will change what happens tomorrow

Fighting Blindness is a charity with a big vision: We want to CURE BLINDNESS. To achieve this, we must invest in research now which will lead to the development of treatments for conditions that can cause sight loss.

Another important part of our work is to provide a professional counselling service to support individuals and families who are affected by sight loss.


Gifts in Wills Change Lives

After you have remembered your family and friends, you may choose to support Fighting Blindness beyond your lifetime with a gift in your Will. Each year, gifts in Wills contribute significantly to the funds we spend on research, counselling and advocacy.  Whatever the size of your gift, this special contribution will contribute to our pioneering research and have a lasting impact on peoples’ lives for years to come.

Gifts made in this way have helped to enable a number of our achievements to date:

Darkness into Light

  • Fighting Blindness started in 1983 as a group of families affected by blindness getting together for support. We are now a global leader in the search for cures and treatments for retinal blindness.
  •  When we started, virtually nothing was known about retinal conditions. Now, we know the causes of most of the conditions, we understand the course of the diseases, and we are on track to developing the cures.
  • We have funded over 70 projects and invested €15 million into research in universities and colleges in Ireland.

Why make a Will?

An up-to-date Will is the only way to make sure your wishes are followed when you die. Dying without a will may mean the decision of how to divide your estate will be made on your behalf, and those you did intend to benefit, such as friends, family or charitable causes, may miss out. With the help of a qualified professional, it is simple and affordable to have a will properly drafted. If you are in the process of making or revising your will or estate plan,

Making your Will

What kind of gift can I leave?

There are various types of gift you can leave in your Will. Your solicitor or professional Will writer will be able to give you more detailed advice. Remember, a gift made in this way to a registered charity is exempt from Inheritance Tax. The most common types of gift are residuary and pecuniary gifts. You may choose to take the following suggested wording with you when visiting a solicitor or professional Will writer:

  • Residuary gift (a share of your estate)

I give _____ % of the residue of my real and personal estate to Fighting Blindness (CHY 6784) of Third Floor, 7 Ely Place, Dublin 2 and the receipt of the authorised officer shall be a complete discharge to my executors.

  • Specific gift (an item of value such as property, jewellery or a painting)

I give (a specific item) or all my property known as (name of property) and situated at (location of property)

  • Pecuniary gift (a set sum of money)

I give the sum of € _______ to Fighting Blindness (CHY 6784) of Third Floor, 7 Ely Place, Dublin 2 and the receipt of the authorised officer shall be a complete discharge to my executors.

Changing your Will

What if I already have a Will? It is important that you regularly review your Will, especially if there have been any significant changes in your life. For example, is there anyone you wish to add, such as a new family member or charitable cause?

If you make changes you may not need to make a new Will. To include a gift to Fighting Blindness, you can add a Codicil. This need not change the terms of your current Will but can simply be used to add a new instruction, which should be kept with your Will. Your professional adviser will be able to help you with this.

Legacies to charities are tax free so leaving a gift to Fighting Blindness can help reduce the tax payable on your estate.

Please tell us about your plans

If you have decided to leave a gift to Fighting Blindness in your Will, thank you so much. If you feel comfortable doing so, we would be grateful if you would share details of your special gift, so that we can thank you appropriately.

If you have any questions about the information above or any aspect of our work, please contact our fundraising team on 01 6789 004 or fundraising@fightingblindness.ie.

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Fighting Blindness is a member of ‘My Legacy’, a partnership between Irish charities to promote legacy giving. For more information please visit www.MyLegacy.ie.