Liam Keighery – Supporter Spotlight

Image of Liam Keighery

1. How did you hear about Fighting Blindness?

Through a colleague who just mentioned the Oz cycle in 2009, cycling has always been an interest of mine so it took off from there…

2. What inspired you to become involved with the organisation?

Following the Oz cycling challenge and mingling cycling and experiencing first hand what our friends with visual impairment had to endure, it just opened my eyes so I thought I could do something to help open their eyes I guess.

3. How has Fighting Blindness benefited you since you have become involved?

Unbelievable, seriously unbelievable; it’s made me feel really good about doing something that I know is helping and is appreciated. Also it has made me a better and fitter cyclist, which I wouldn’t be only for Fighting Blindness and in particular Clodagh Ryan who has been such a pleasant inspiration.

4. What do you think is the most important aspect of our work and why?

It’s meaningful, it gives hope and it creates a strong bond in a great group of people. Most of all it’s only a matter of time before the cure evolves with the constant work put in by all in Fighting Blindness.

5. What type of fundraising events have you planned?

Well no prizes for guessing cycling is the main plan but I think I need to alternate rather than let the “cycling” go stale, maybe swimming or peaks. I’m trying to think of something nobody has thought of, that will hopefully grab the attention of interested people and I guess, to grow the interest it’s important to invoke our colleagues.

6. Tips on fundraising for our supporters?

It’s all in the head! You have to feel the reason to do what you do and, when you have got that feeling, understand and share our colleague’s difficult experiences then you will find lots of tips within.

7. How did you motivate others to fundraise for Fighting Blindness?

I guess if they initially see something that will benefit themselves, get them involved in that something, and move it on from there.