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Mission Statement

Fighting Blindness is an Irish, patient-led charity with a vision to cure blindness, support those experiencing sight loss, and empower patients.


Cure. Support. Empower.

Quick Facts

  • Sight loss affects 246,773 people in Ireland and 285 million people worldwide
  • The work of Fighting Blindness focuses on rare, inherited and age-related conditions causing blindness and vision impairment.
  • Approx 5,000 people are affected by rare inherited retinopathies
  • Age-related macular degeneration affects over 1 in 10 over 55 years and 1 in 3 over 75.
  • Fighting Blindness was set up as a support group in 1983 by families affected by eye disease, evolving its mission and services over the years to meet the need.
  • Fighting Blindness has invested €16.8 million in over 90 research projects in 1983.

Boiler Plate

Fighting Blindness is an Irish patient-led charity funding and enabling world-leading research into treatments and cures for blindness. It provides a professional counselling service to support people and families affected by vision loss. Through education and advocacy Fighting Blindness works to empower everyone in Ireland living with severe vision impairment.


Fighting Blindness is resolute that descriptive language should always respect and empower the people it references. When referring to a condition, we put the person first, using language like “living with sight loss”, “Thomas, who has retinitis pigmentosa”, or “a person with a visual impairment”, in the same way that you would say “a person with diabetes” instead of “a diabetic”. The latter is dismissive and defines the person solely in terms of their illness. We completely avoid the use of phrases like “the blind” or “disabled”. We do not describe someone as “suffering” from blindness, preferring to say that someone is “affected by” or “has” a condition causing sight loss.

We ask that anyone representing us, undertaking research in our name, or writing about our organisation, adopts this terminology also.

Things to Bear in Mind

People living with sight loss represent one of the largest health constituencies in Ireland. It is important to provide clear and accurate information to those you are communicating with. We suggest that you contact Fighting Blindness for facts and information. We provide a professional counselling service for people affected by sight loss and we suggest that these details are included where appropriate and helpful.

We would be most grateful if you would use our web address: and phone number: +353 1 6789 004 in any coverage.

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