Professor John Flannery

Image of Professor John FlanneryProfessor John Flannery is Professor of Vision Science and Neuroscience in the Department of Molecular Biology in University of California, Berkeley. The expertise of his laboratory group is directed toward developing viral vectors for gene therapy and gene transfer to retinal neurons, epithelia and glia. He and his team study both normal retinal functions as well as disease states to develop rational therapeutics for retinal dystrophies.

He serves on a number of advisory boards in the United States, he is vice chairman for Foundation Fighting Blindness and is on the board of directors for the National Neurovision Research Institute. He is also a member of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board for Fighting Blindness in Ireland.

Prof. Flannery obtained his BA (1975) and PhD in Neuroscience (1993) at University of California, Santa Barbara and he continued his postdoctoral training at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA. In 1991, Prof. Flannery joined the faculty of the University of Florida and in 1995, he accepted his position at UC Berkeley.