Our Insight Counselling Centre ensures support of the highest standard is available to patients and family members

Counselling Service

Insight Counselling Service

Coping with sight loss can be difficult. There are often strong emotions that follow on from a diagnosis. Anxiety, frustration, fear, anger and depression are some of the feelings expressed by those affected by sight loss. We are here to support you.

Technology Group

Join ‘The Exchange Club’

This is a place for  people who are living with a vision impairment to meet friends and help each other get the best use from technology, especially mobile phones and laptops. The club meet every Monday morning at the Insight Counselling Service.

Member’s Stories

Read Personal Stories

Everything that we do is led by and is for the patient. If you or somebody you love is dealing with sight loss or blindness and are interested in getting more involved in the work that we do, please let us know. Here are a number of patients who did just that. Living with AMD – Meet Joe….

Meeting a V.I.P

Meeting a Person with a Visual Impairment

Most people who are visually-impaired can see something. This will vary from person to person. Some people can distinguish light but nothing else and others have no light perception. Some people have no central vision, others have no side vision.