From Gabrielle in Dublin

” Having been diagnosed with RP eight years ago, I felt that my world had ended, I didn’t see any future for myself living with a visual impairment. I was put in touch with Mary Lavelle in Insight Counselling and the support I received there was invaluable ! I also attend group sessions on a monthly basis and these are a great way to meet others in a similar situation .”

From Mary in Galway

“I have been going for counselling to Mary Lavelle for many years now and it has totally changed my life for the better. This is something that my family and friends have also noticed. It has changed the way I think and feel and given me the resilience to cope with the challenges of everyday life. In particular, I find that the counselling supports me in my ongoing struggle to adapt to life with R. P. Counselling helps me to express and clarify what I think and feel in a way that I can gain new perspectives. I am now a much happier person. This is all thanks to Mary Lavelle who provides such a wonderful warm counselling experience.”

From Derry in Cork

“I have been a member of the FB Cork Support Group for many years and I found it to be supportive and beneficial.”

From Gerry in Dublin

“I first came to the Insight Counselling Centre eight years ago. It is difficult to fully express how important a part of my life it has become. At a very difficult time when I was first coping with sight loss the counselling service was an invaluable help to me and my family in understanding how to accept and adapt to my new situation. I went through some very tough times but the counselling service was there like an anchor whenever I was in difficulty. I progressed to attending monthly support groups. I met others there who helped me in often very practical ways in adapting to sight loss. Now I am fortunate to count many of these people as my friends. Also very important for me has been the social aspect of the group, which has helped cement these friendships. More recently the FB Exchange Club has helped me with new assistive technology, such as the iPhone and screen readers.”