It’s Good To Talk

Image of John DelanyA message from John Delany, Senior Counselling Manager at the Insight Counselling Centre.

It’s good to talk.

Talking helps us gain perspective on our problems. Otherwise we risk being consumed by our own thoughts, which may have little or no basis in reality. Talking with someone we trust is like switching on a light in a dark room. We can then see what is actually there as opposed to what we feared might be lurking in the shadows. Once we perceive clearly the nature of our difficulties we can begin to plan ways of coping with or overcoming them.

Sight loss may be something you have been living with for a long time or it may be something new in your life. Either way, it can bring up a range of difficult emotions. You may feel vulnerable, angry, depressed and frightened for the future. You may even feel misunderstood by normally supportive intimates and be tempted to withdraw from the people and pursuits that previously filled your life with happiness. These are normal experiences for people with sight loss.

Talking openly and honestly about our worries is never easy to do. However, reaching out to another person for help and support at a time of crisis can be an important first step on the journey towards resolution. Understandably, people can often feel reluctant to take family and friends into their confidence fearing that they might hurt, frighten or even disappoint them. In those circumstances it can help to talk with a professional such as a psychotherapist.

Working with a psychotherapist in a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment allows the person with sight loss the time and space to make sense of what is actually happening to them. With the appropriate support and guidance it is possible to work through and surmount difficulties, both practical and emotional, to find new and life-enhancing meaning and purpose in living.

There are times in life when we all feel overwhelmed by uninvited and unwelcomed circumstances. On such occasions it is important to remember the many difficult and challenging events from the past that we navigated successfully.  It may have been the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, financial or relationship problems. Perhaps others, recognising our capacity for calm, thoughtful reflection, sought us out for advice and direction. Whatever resources we employed then have not disappeared and they can always be called upon again. We may just need a little help from a friend – or a therapist – to harness our own inner wisdom.

It is not just the individual with sight loss who is affected but also their partner, children, extended family and friends. At Insight Counselling Centre we work with all those affected directly and indirectly by sight loss. We offer a range of services including psychotherapy, support groups and technological assistance in conjunction with other relevant agencies.

Sight loss is a life-changing experience but it does not have to be a life-ending one. We are here to help. Why not give us a call in confidence. Let’s talk.

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