Taxi Drivers take on the Blindfold Challenge to help Irish charity Fighting Blindness

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June 6, 2014

Taxi Drivers take on the Blindfold Challenge to help Irish charity Fighting Blindness

What: VIP Taxi Blindfold Challenge

When: 12pm, Sunday, June 22, 2014

Where: College Park, Trinity College, Dublin 2

VIP Taxi company holds a family fun day to support the charity’s mission to cure, support and empower people living with sight loss.

Drivers from VIP Taxis are surrendering their keys and letting someone else help them to reach their destination on Sunday, June 22 in aid of Irish patient-led charity Fighting Blindness.

Over 50 taxi drivers will take part in the Blindfold Challenge, a unique event organised by the charity, which highlights the challenges of not having the benefit of your sight. The fun event also underlines the trust placed in friends and colleagues as well as the importance of teamwork.

The challenge is to run one lap of the track (400 metres) as a blindfolded runner being guided by a team mate, and then a second lap where the roles reverse so the blindfolded runner becomes the guide.

VIP Taxis are taking on the challenge and hope to raise significant funds for Fighting Blindness, to help the charity to fulfill its mission to develop treatments and cures for retinal conditions, while supporting and empowering the 224,000  people in Ireland who are living with sight loss. More information is available at

Taking place at 12pm on Sunday June 22 at the sports ground in Trinity College Dublin, the event will be a fun day for drivers and their families and friends, while they put on the blindfolds and compete in the running event.

To support the VIP taxi drivers and Fighting Blindness, text VIP to 50300 to donate €4, or make a donation at


For more information, contact:

Tony Ward

T: 01 6789 004