Image of Esther and Margaret on the Mourne Mountain TrailHere are a few words of inspiration from some of our challengers, cyclists, trekkers, joggers, walkers and runners over the years.

Tuscany Cycle

“The Tuscany Cycle Challenge was an extremely fulfilling week. It combined great exercise, excellent Italian food and culture, beautiful surroundings all in the company of great people raising money for such a worthwhile cause. A brilliant week!” – Siobhán (Tuscany 2011)

“Cycling around the gorgeous hills of Tuscany while accompanied by cyclists with visual impairments was an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. The locations, incredible food and spirit of the group made it the trip of a lifetime.” – Paul (Tuscany 2011)

“The experience of a lifetime, I got to meet friends from previous events, and new people, also as a VIP I witness that fellow participants appreciate the work their fundraising is going towards.” – Roslyn (Tuscany 2011)

“I would recommend that everyone at least do one Fighting Blindness trip because they’re definitely worth it and when you do you won’t stop because they’re so much fun and everyone who works for Fighting Blindness are great people and it is a fantastic charity.” – Gerry (Tuscany 2011)

“A wonderful magical life experience with Clair a truly inspirational girl who has a visual impairment. A beautiful place called Tuscany.” – Ann (Tuscany 2011)

“The Fighting Blindness Tuscany Cycle Challenge was personally the most rewarding challenge I have ever completed. It combines the love of cycling outdoors and charity work really well and I would strongly recommend anyone, young or old to do it.” – Elaine (Tuscany 2011)

Everest Base Camp

“I found the whole trip hugely rewarding and enlightening.Great places were seen and great friendships were made.It was a great introduction to Nepal and the Himalaya and I intend to head back out there in 2011. In fact I intend to go there every year for as long as I can.” – Colin (Everest Trek 2010)

“The Everest Base Camp trek is something that you will be quoting in 10, 20, 30 years time in conversations with your friends and work colleagues. It would be an exclusive enough group who have successfully completed the trek.” – Gerald (Everest Trek 2009)

“My Everest experience has been the absolute best thing I have ever done in my life. My new friends will be with me for a very long time. A big thank you Fighting Blindness.” – Kevin (Everest Trek 2009)

“A fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, take on a personal challenge and raise money to help others. I loved the experience and would do it all again tomorrow.” – Deborah (Everest Trek 2009)

“An amazing trek to one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has left me wanting to do and experience more like it.” – Johnny (Everest Trek 2009)

“Unforgettable experience, lifelong memories, breathtaking scenery and fantastic people combine to make the Everest trek a trip-of-a-lifetime for anyone with an interest in walking.” – Brendan (Everest Trek 2007)

“Everest is tough and extreme, experience will last forever. Sure I glimpsed a little piece of heaven. Enjoyed company of group, always a friendly face when you needed one.” – Brian (Everest Trek 2007)

“I doubt that any experience that I will have in future will match Nepal Trek. The group of walkers were fantastic. The guides were exceptional and I will walk with them again. The organisation of the trek overall was brilliant. Thank you all.” – John (Everest Trek 2007)

Australia Cycle

“Great experience that you would not have experienced with family and friends. Met a lot of great people and had time to catch up with fellow trekkers from previous events.” – Roslyn (Australia Cycle 2009)

“The Whizzard of Oz cycle tour–what a wizard. A wizard that enticed, cajoled, encouraged and drew us on for hundreds of miles along the Great Ocean Road. A wizard that challenged each one—the straw man, the tin woman, the lion hearted. A wizard that revealed to us the most spectacular of scenery, roaring seas, eucalyptus forests 150ft high, expansive plains, mountains, hills, valleys, volcanoes. A wizard that introduced Koalas, Kangaroos, Ibis, Emu, snakes, spiders and above all sixteen thousand cyclists in Melbourne. A wizard that promised us Nirvana, Happiness–the happiness of participation, of achievement, of team work and the good cause of Fighting Blindness; a wizard that lived up to expectations, leaving us with many happy memories and wonderful friends.” – Sister Brid (Australia Cycle 2009)

New Zealand Trek

“On my trek with Fighting Blindness I had a really great time, where I’ve made a lot of new friends not to mention the fact that while enjoying myself I was also helping to get myself fit and healthy with the added benefit of supporting a very worthwhile charity.” – Myles (New Zealand Trek 2008)

India Trek

“This is my second trek with Fighting Blindness and it has surpassed any expectation I had from the first. The encouragement and support from fellow trekkers to achieve your own personal challenge is fabulous.” – Cliodhna (India Trek 2007)

“This is my third trek with Fighting Blindness. The level of trekking was perfect catering for all levels of fitness; this is what attracts me to their treks. The destinations are always fantastic and it’s a great way to see the world while experiencing other cultures.” – Gerry (India Trek 2007)

Cambodia Trek

“My trek to Cambodia was totally amazing. 100 times better than I ever imagined. The country is magnificent and the people are all lovely. I will always remember this as one of the best experiences of my life.” – Susan (Cambodia Trek 2006)

“Cambodia 2006 was a life changing experience on many levels. Irish visually impaired trekkers undertook many personal challenges in high temperatures and were an inspiration during the trek.” – Iris (Cambodia Trek 2006)

“Undertaking to complete a trek on behalf of Fighting Blindness was a huge challenge but possibly one of the most worthwhile experiences I have had in a long time. Not only do you experience a vastly different country, you also share this experience with some amazing people.” – Helen (Cambodia Trek 2006)

Patagonia Trek

“For me it will certainly be an experience I will never forget. I really can’t wait for the next trek… Everything was organised to perfection. It was truly professional.” – Fiona (Patagonia Trek, Feb 2006)

“The Patagonia trek was one of the best experiences of my life, the feeling of companionship and accomplishment together with breathtaking views and great fun really inspired me. I don’t want to ever forget that feeling and would go trekking with Fighting Blindness again at every possible chance. It is a wonderful charity.” – Eve (Patagonia Trek, Feb 2006)

China Trek

“I thought the whole trip went remarkably well and the organisation was first class. You and the team did a fabulous job of putting the whole package together and it turned into an experience that I will never forget. I can still picture the views and the places that we were in my mind and smile.” – Alan  (China Trek, April 2006)