Update From the Fundraising Desk

Image of Tony WardWelcome to Visionaries from the fundraising department! We hope all of our supporters are keeping well and thank you so much for your continued support and generosity.

2013 was another challenging year in these difficult economic times, but the good news is that we ended the year slightly ahead of 2012. We are always heartened by updates from our colleagues about how the funds raised are being used to bring the prospect of treatments and cures for sight loss ever closer. We have a number of on-going campaigns in 2014 and some new initiatives, so we very much hope that you can support us with those.

We are mindful of the recent issues in the charity sector and the associated negative publicity. In Fighting Blindness, we are very conscious of adhering to best practice and the most up-to-date guidelines. We are pleased to be signed up to Fundraising Ireland’s fundraising guiding principles and welcome the imminent appointment of a regulator in the charity sector. We are also pleased to note that in a survey by The Wheel (an umbrella representative group in the not-for-profit sector), our average salaries were either within or at the lower end of averages in the sector.

Mindful of our responsibilities and the need to use funding wisely, we move forward with great hope and purpose and are determined to raise essential funds in 2014.

Tony Ward, Head of Fundraising


For more information about our fundraising activities go to the Get Involved section of our website.