Update from the National Vision Coalition

Since the launch of their General Election Manifesto on December 10, the National Vision Coalition (NVC) have been working hard to ensure that the development of a National Vision Strategy was high on the priority list for all General Election candidates.

A new website, www.visionstrategy.ie was developed by the NVC, to highlight the urgent need for the development and implementation of a national strategy for vision health services. The website outlines key issues and the actions required to address them. The NVC contacted all candidates directly asking them to pledge their support for a National Vision Strategy and received a large number of positive responses.

We eagerly awaited the publication of the General Election Manifestos from all political parties and were pleased to note the inclusion of the National Vision Strategy in the Manifestos of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour. This is a promising step forward but there is much more to do to ensure that the strategy is included in the Programme for Government. We are monitoring the on-going situation in relation to the formation of the next Government and are planning the next steps of our campaign for a National Vision Strategy.

The National Vision Coalition sincerely thank all Fighting Blindness members and supporters who raised this issue with their local candidates. We thank you for adding your voice to our campaign and we will keep you updated about any developments in this area.