Insight Counselling Services

The Insight Counselling Service is a professional counselling service for people and families who are affected by sight loss. The centre was established by Fighting Blindness in 2002 to help people cope with the challenges of being diagnosed with, and living with, a condition that causes sight loss. Losing your vision can also impact your family and friends, so the service can help those close to you adjust to new challenges as well.

No matter what your level of sight loss, we are here to help and provide any support you may need. We offer a variety of services and invite you to get in touch if there is anything that you feel may be of benefit to you.

Please contact the Insight Counselling Service on 01 674 6496 or for more information about any of our services.

Types of Support Services Available At Insight

Crisis Counselling

Crisis counselling can help individuals deal with an upsetting event or situation by offering assistance and support while aiming to improve a person’s coping strategies in the here and now. It is usually for a short period of time.

Long Term Psychotherapy

This involves developing a therapeutic relationship over time with a therapist in order to address mental health concerns or to deal with a source of life stress. It can help the person to develop skills for dealing with or overcoming stress, worries, problematic thoughts or behaviours.

Couples’ Therapy

This is often very useful in providing a safe and private setting for a couple to work through challenges together, whether in their relationship or as a result of external circumstances.

Family Support

Family sessions can be comprised entirely of adults, or can involve children too, if suitable. It provides a setting that is respectful of each person’s position so that when the family group is leaving, they all feel that they’ve had a chance to be heard and understood.

Support Groups

In support groups, the individuals support each other, while the therapist facilitates the session. The groups are organic and develop around the needs on that particular day, rather than following a set programme. We currently hold monthly support groups in Dublin, Cork and Limerick on the first Wednesday, last Wednesday and third Thursday of the month respectively. Full details about all support groups can be found here or by contacting Insight on 01 674 6496 or

Telephone Counselling Service

For people living outside of Dublin or for anyone unable to travel, we offer a telephone support service. This service can also be helpful for someone who needs an immediate response.

Hospital Supports

We provide support services at the Research Department of the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin every Wednesday and Thursday morning, and the Mater Hospital Eye Clinic in Dublin each Thursday morning.

The Exchange Club

The Exchange Club takes place every Monday morning from 11am to 1pm in the Insight Counselling Centre in Dublin. The group meets to talk about different types of technology, such as smartphones and computers, and learn more about accessibility on different devices.