Message from John Delany, Senior Counselling Manager

Image of John DelanyIn May of this year I took over the reins at Insight Counselling from Mary Lavelle.  As many of you already know, Mary is a true visionary and thus a very hard act to follow. It was her idea to establish the Insight Counselling Centre in 2002 and she brought it into being and nurtured it into a centre of excellence with the passion, drive and commitment that are the hallmarks of an original thinker.  During the past twelve years the Centre has provided a service to over 450 individuals, couples and families along with facilitating support and technology groups in Dublin and Cork. These are remarkable and unique achievements and Mary’s legacy is a rich and distinguished one, not just in the field of counselling but in the broader arena of inspiring service to others. I know that I speak on behalf of those of us who have had the privilege of knowing Mary and been the fortunate recipients of her wit, wisdom, warmth and compassion, in wishing her a long and happy retirement.

It has always been the Insight philosophy to look towards the future with optimism. Last September we launched our nationwide Telephone Counselling Service and also established a new support group in Limerick. In 2015 we hope to extend our network of support groups and suite of services with particular emphasis on addressing the needs of young adults. I am excited by the possibilities the future presents and look forward to continuing the work of my predecessor.

I wish all of you a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.