The Winds of Change

Change is something that appeals to few of us. We like our comfort zone and that sense of certainty it affords. Yet change is the engine of progress. It is the story of evolution, history and current affairs. Without change everything would stay the same and ultimately that can only result in stagnation and perhaps even regression. Change is the life blood of living. Of course I am referring here to positive change. Often though it can appear in disguise and seem quite challenging and far from opportune.

Earlier this year Ann (Cooke, Administrator, Insight Counselling) and I faced the challenge of change, in the form of a move from Insight Counselling’s home of nearly 13 years at No. 4 South Great George’s Street in Dublin to new premises in Ely Place. I loved number four as I affectionately came to know it during my time there. Located in the heart of the city, we were surrounded by the vibrancy of coffee shops and enjoyed walks along cobblestone laneways. The year-round excitement of milling tourists seemed to capture a sense of the energy crackling all around it. I felt at home here and struck up many acquaintances with local traders, fellow workers and taxi-drivers. I felt reluctant to uproot myself and start afresh somewhere else. After all, I reasoned, if it ain’t broke why fix it?

As I write these words I am now ensconced in 7 Ely Place for the past six months. It is set in a terrace of period houses located just off St. Stephens Green. My own room faces directly down Hume Street giving a unique vista overlooking the park. Number 7 – as I have affectionately come to know it – is a beautiful home with high ceilings and wonderful sash windows with an air of nobility and elegance that has provided a comfortable and intimate setting in which to work. I have discovered new favourite walks and haunts and sense of belonging. I have been reminded of my capacity to adapt and change.

Change can often feel like a daunting challenge but isn’t that the very essence of life? I would like to share with you a remarkable piece of writing penned by Helen Murphy who is a member of Fighting Blindness. It is a story of personal tenacity, resilience and courage. It is about accepting a challenge, stepping out of one’s comfort zone and opening up to life’s possibilities. It is also a story of human kindness, connectedness and mutual respect. I would like to thank Helen for allowing us publish her inspiring story and hope that it will encourage many of you to explore new horizons in 2016.

On behalf of Ann and myself I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a New Year full of possibilities.

John Delany

Senior Counselling Manager, Insight Counselling Service

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